Wessel Berkman

Wessel Berkman studied Automotive Engineering at Technical College (hts) and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. After his studies, he became advisor in change management and process optimization (for companies such as Peter Chadwick, Cambridge Management Consultants and VODW). In 1999, Wessel founded The Brown Paper Company. This company supports businesses in the “bottom-up” optimization of corporate processes and change management. In addition he launched Return On Events, an organization that optimizes event results and makes them measurable. In 2002, Wessel acquired “het Financieel Diensten Centrum” (FDC), (73 financial intermediaries) and founded “het Nederlands Financieel Instituut” (nfi) a knowledge center and back office for financial intermediaries. In 2003, he founded The Brown Paper Company Finance, a company that develops and implements quality programs at financial service providers. In 2003, he and Marcel van der Schaaff set up the top network nintes for future talented managers, thereby continuously looking a few years ahead with current and future managers. Together with the mt Media Groep from the magazine Management Team, he founded “Club Goudhaantjes,” a business club for top managers, the CEOS of tomorrow, in 2013.


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